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Bismuth Metal & Bismuth Crystals

Bismuth metal for sale 

Bismuth metal for sale


  • Bismuth heavy metal has low thermal conductivity and high diamagnetism.
  • Product shape: silver white rose metal is hard and brittle, easy to smash, has the characteristics of cold expansion and heat shrinkage.
  • Main use: It is mainly used in the production of antimony-containing alloys, medicines, chemical reagents, bottom melting point alloys, coolants for nuclear reactors, etc. It is also widely used in the fields of semiconductors, superconductors, flame retardants, pigments, cosmetics, and electronic ceramic lamps.
  • Bismuth is a white, crystalline, brittle metal with a pinkish tinge, it is the most diamagnetic of all metals, and the thermal conductivity is lower than any metal except mercury. It has a high electrical resistance, and the highest Hall effect of any metal (that is, the greatest increase in electrical resistance when placed in a magnetic field). Bismuth is stable to oxygen and water but dissolves in concentrated nitric air. All bismuth salts form insoluble compounds when put into water.


  • Grade: Bi99.99  Bi content ≥99.99 (%)
  • Density: 9.8/cubic meter/ Melting point 271degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 250g 500g/1000g
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Bismuth metal Random shape (500g)

Bismuth metal Random shape (1000g)

Bismuth crystals [High-quality] Random shape (30g)

304 Thickened Stainless Steel Pot (2pcs)

Heat-resistant gloves (250°C)

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Bismuth metal

Bismuth crystals



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